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kerala seafood

Exploring the flavors of Kerala Seafood: Uncovering what’s in store for the Seafood Industry and Exporters In the southwestern region of India’s stunning coast. Kerala is famous for the stunning scenery, an enthralling tradition, and a cuisine tradition based on seafood treasures. Kerala’s culinary expertise is entwined with the bounty of its seafood that is not

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fish pickle

A Gastronomic Delight: Exploring the World of Fish Pickle and its Delectable Charms In the plethora of international cuisine, some dishes stand out, not just because of their delicious flavors, but as well for the stories they relate to. Fish pickle is a culinary marvel, a symphony of flavors and cultures that are universally recognizable across

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Salmon in Kerala: A Fusion of Flavors and Health

Exploring the Sought-After Delicacy: Salmon Fish in Kerala Kerala is often referred to in the context of “God’s Own Country” is known for its beautiful landscapes, its rich cultural heritage, and of course, its delicious food. Although Kerala is most well-known for its abundance of marine and freshwater fish, there’s one particular delicious food that has

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Mathi Meen (Sardines): Kerala’s Nutrient-Packed Delicacy Kerala is frequently known by its name”God’s Own” or “God’s Own Country,” isn’t just known for its beautiful landscapes but also for its delicious cuisine. In the numerous culinary delights which are served to Keralites One of them is notable for its simple but healthy characteristics: Mathi Meen which is

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